Welcome To World Remix:

Have you ever wondered what common scenes would look like on a distant planet?

How we view things is greatly influenced by planetary factors such as the composition of our atmosphere and the light that comes from our sun. Change these factors, and the colors you see in the world around you changes as well. Welcome to distant worlds.


The game is centered around 5 images, all of which represent different possible planetary views. In the main center picture, the red, green, blue, and yellow hues have been modified away from what we're used to seeing. In each of the four backing pictures, only three of the hues have been modified, with one remaining just like you see when you walk outside the door. Your job is to find the correct hues, restoring the center picture to the colors of the world around us.

Selecting Hues:

Clicking on one of the back four images will bring it to the front and display the hue selection boxes. Click the correct hue box and that hue will be fixed in the main image. Select the wrong hue and the center image will reset to its initial state. Clicking on the corner image a second time will send the picture back behind the center image and the hue selection boxes will vanish.

As you progress, the top bar will update to show you which hues you've correctly picked. The bar will also keep track of how many attempts you've made at the current puzzle, and how many attempts you've made across all puzzles.


Get all four hues correct and you've solved the puzzle. The forward and backward buttons on the top bar will move you to the next or previous puzzle, or the list button on the bottom bar will let you jump directly to any puzzle.

How many moves can you finish in?